Tulum Tips

Tulum tips and suggestions. Learn how to stay safe and have the time of your life in Tulum. Learn what to do in Tulum Mexico!

Legal note

Tulum is generally a safe, beautiful and tranquil place that will enchant and relax you with its meditative atmosphere, delicious food and gorgeous beaches.

However, as anywhere else, you have to follow simple rules in order for your vacation to be pleasant to the maximum.

Here are some general Tulum tips for you to keep in mind!

  • Taxis: Taxis will be very helpful for you to get around if you are staying in the town and will want to go to the beach; or if you are staying at the beach, you might want to check out the town one night to see what the locals are up to. Usually there are plenty of them, and they just pass by, you don’t need to call them. When taking a taxi, always ask for the price BEFOREHAND.
  • Sunburn: Don’t forget your sunscreen! There are many natural kinds sold in Tulum. But if you already got burned, use aloe vera plant. Simply keep a piece of it in the fridge and peel it with a knife when it's cold. Rub the jelly part on your skin.
  • Mosquitoes: Purchase mosquito repellent spray, especially during the rainy season from July to December. Use Natural Mayatan repellent sprays and citronella candles if you can.
  • Gas station. When filling your gas tank, always make sure the gas display window starts from zero, and pay attention to the change when you are paying.
  • Nude bathing. Mexico is typically more conservative than some other beach destinations. Nude bathing is not allowed, but some women sunbathers, mostly European, are known to go topless in Tulum. In general, the dress code is similar to most beaches in the United States.
  • Vendors on the beach. Tulum can get crowded with local vendors. It’s common for vendors to approach tourists on the street or beach with several offers in tow. This can annoy many travelers. Just politely say "no, gracias" and they will probably leave you alone.
  • Eat local! Many new restaurants keep constantly opening in Tulum, including several excellent options that serve traditional Mexican food, especially in the village. Be sure to taste the local food, whether at a fancy Mexican restaurant or a local taqueria. Popular Mexican food in Tulum includes roasted chicken and beef and fish tacos. Make sure to try cochinita pibil tacos, an original Mexican recipe of slowly roasted suckling pig. Ceviche is another popular dish that contains an assortment of fish and shellfish. Here is the list of restaurants in the village of Tulum that we recommend, and here are the best restaurants in the eco-chic beach area. To accompany your local food, grab a michelada, a local beer poured on ice and served with lime juice and spices.
  • Rejuvenate! When you are in Tulum, take advantage of the incredible relaxing atmosphere and all it has to offer. Tulum was ancient Mayans’ site for many sacred rituals, and the tradition continues with beach yoga, meditation classes, beautiful spas and some surviving Mayan spiritual rituals, such as temazcal, the purifying sweat lodge. Read here about all the ways that you can relax in Tulum.
  • Visit Sian Ka’an. When you are in Tulum, you should dedicate one day to enjoy the magnificent Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an. You can take a boat tour and admire all the incredible species of birds, plants and animals, or you can venture yourself with a four-wheel drive. Here are our tips about what to do in Sian Ka’an.

Entry & Exit Requirements

Bring an up-to-date passport with you to Mexico. You will be issued a Mexican Tourist Permit when you arrive. Hold onto that card and present it upon departure.

For more ideas, and off-the-road adventure tips, read our UNEXPLORED TULUM blog post.

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