A to Z legal support

Buying property in Mexico should be simple and easy. We provide all legal support from A to Z

We ensure that buying property in Mexico is as fast and easy as possible. We understand that being a foreigner and trying to find the best local lawyers who would fully answer your questions and move the process along swiftly is not always easy. We understand that owning land in Mexico is a big step for you. It should be a completely pleasant experience.

We also know that Tulum Mexico is currently the fastest-growing beach town in the whole region, and its real estate growth requires to be extra careful with legal documentation and not to rush through the process without checking and double-checking the legal status of property or land you are interested in.

Each Riviera Maya property that we offer in our database is clear for purchase with all the corresponding legal documentation and insured property titles.

In addition, we offer full legal services for buying property in Mexico, guide you each step of the way and ensure that each transaction is secure and fast.

For residential Mexico real estate, a bank trust (fideicomiso) is the most common method. You as a buyer will have full control of the property and will own the beneficial interest in the trust. While the bank has a “technical” ownership for a 50-year term, you are the only one with the rights to the property. Foreigners are required to obtain a permit to own the land from the Secretary of State (an endorsement from the Mexican government for the ownership).

For commercial Mexico real estate purchases, we will help you form a Mexican corporation, a Sociedad Anonima (SA) that will buy the property (the law permits a foreigner 100% ownership of a corporation). At least one of the owners will need to have their temporary resident’s immigration status. Otherwise, a Mexican citizen will be required to sign the documents and to act as an agent of the corporation.


  • Liaison between the buyer, legal office, bank and public notary
  • Title insurance
  • Escrow services
  • Forming of Fideicomiso

We are happy we can answer all your questions about buying real estate in Mexico and owning land.

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