WAY HOUSE: New luxury house project in Tulum

Investment ID: PJ00276

Top-notch 3-bdr luxury house with open spaces and upscale finishings that blends modern architecture with local Mayan materials and harmoniously integrates it into local tropical environment. Size of the lot: 428 sq m (4,607 sq ft).

Detailed description of the investment:

WAY house (WAY means “spirit” in Mayan) is a single independent luxury house, located on the same land lot as K’AK’-JA’ house complex (also for sale, separately or together). WAY house will be built on a land lot in the new development of Tumbenkah, located in the northwest part of Tulum, 2 min from the center of the town and 10 min from the beach. The area has a new modern road, electricity and all sewage and water systems. The 2-story house has beautiful garden with private pool, outdoor shower, BBQ and veranda for lounging and relaxation. The rooftop is fully equipped with Jacuzzi, BBQ and lounging space with a palapa, fixed seats and a table. The house has an internal covered garage with direct access to the other spaces of the house. The house combines modern architecture with the use of local Mayan materials. For example, all bathrooms use ceramic washbasins mounted in wooden waterproof frames, and bathroom wall is decorated with natural stone. The bathroom floor is finished with local Zapote wood. The illumination is provided by modern halogen spotlights. The property has been developed with lots of open spaces to create the feeling of luxury and comfort, while preserving its privacy. Big importance was given to natural light. WAY house is a 3-bedroom house, with Master Bedroom located in the southwest corner. This bedroom has access to a big balcony, a stone-decorated bathroom with a big shower and, as the other bedrooms, it has a walk-in closet. The most interesting characteristic of this room is the two door-window sets on the opposite sides of the room, which give a double view of both east and west. The other bedrooms have the same high-quality standards of the Master Bedroom. The house is for sale separately or together with two other houses on the lot. The price for the complex of 3 houses: $850,000K USD. Architect: Ing. Gabriele Fabrizio Sbalbi, Partner and Architectural Director at Riviera Maya Property Consultants

Real estate location:

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Investment Type: Project

Legal status: Titled

Classification: Residential

Status: Available

Value: $ 350,000 USD

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