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Riviera Maya Property Consultants recommend some exciting companies and professionals for very special needs: energy optimization for your house, award-winning Italian landscaping & gardening, best hotels in the area and more! If you have questions about the best specialist for anything real estate-related, just let us know.

Solar Systems and batteries

We work with the best solar panel and battery provider in the Riviera Maya area



As a leading company in alternative energy, SOLAIRE has more than 14 years of experience in the field of solar energy. It focuses mainly on renewable energy resources that do not emit pollutants that are responsible for global warming, and offers great quality and price.

The company offers eco-friendly energy production, which involves thermal engineering, photovoltaic and wind-generated power.

SOLAIRE offers solar energy solutions for all needs:

  • Rural electrification and isolated houses. There are many rural areas and isolated homes where carrying electrical power through the usual network would be too expensive.
  • Communications: TV signal emitters, telemetry platforms, radio links, weather stations.
  • Agriculture and Livestock. The most important and application of the future is water pumping for irrigation and livestock feeding. Other applications may be forest monitoring for fire prevention.
  • Diffusion of culture. School television for isolated areas. Dissemination of information through audiovisual media fed by photovoltaic generators. Creation of social responsibility towards national heritage by taking care of the environment.

Let us know if you’d be interested to work with Solaire, and we will put you in touch!

Energy Management and Optimization

No building can be really eco-friendly, unless it is calculated and evaluated in relation to its energy use.

Paola Fazio

Paola Fazio

Paola is an architect and one of the best Italian experts in Energy Management: efficiency and energy-saving buildings, industrial, and public administrations. She's been involved in sustainable mobility projects, reuse of materials and optimization of recyclable waste.

If you want to elevate your building or development to the next level of energy optimization in order to achieve state-of-the-art in environmentally friendly energy use, she's our top-class expert:

  • Specialized as energy certifier in Italy since 2007
  • Expert Designer (2 levels) casaclima-Klimahaus - 2007/2008
  • Specialization in energetical project management (PMP - PMBOK cod. 1468pmp Course) - July 2014
  • Specialization em + ege - energy managers and expert energy management under one regulation cei 11339: 2009 and D.M. n. 102/2014 - 48 h during qualifying. Fire - June 2016
  • Ege Third Party Certified at rina spa - under the rules uni cei 11339: 2009 - December 2016 - Certificate no. 16an0003pv3
  • From 2015 she holds energy management training courses for vorious companies, in particular Esco for the GSE management practices for obtaining the incentives provided by the Energy Balance optimization laws in Italy. Some customers: A29 Srl (Esco certified Accredia), Fidra Spa, Suncity Esco Srl, etc.
  • Since May 2016 she is teacher and examiner for F-Gas and RES courses.

Let us know if you’d be interested to work with Paola, and we will put you in touch!

Luxury Gardening

Because every great property deserves its fabulous garden

Carlo Maria Maggia

Carlo Maria Maggia

International garden designer, passionate about gardens and plants since childhood, Carlo has worked all around the world. Passionate about painting, photography, art, travel, and sports, he lives in Western Liguria, Italy, in a beautiful garden on the hill, facing the sea. Carlo is the winner of two international gardening contests in Milan, Italy.

Carlo Maria Maggia was born in Turin, Italy in 1964 in a Swiss family.
He started oil painting since he was 8 years old, thanks to his painter grandmother.
A botanist and a landscaper, Carlo designs gardens, writes books and articles about plants, and continues his research on gardening and on application of eco-friendly resources.
Being a botanist and a landscaper, he designs gardens, writes books and articles about green items and he continually reserches on special plants and on the way to apply eco-friendly resources to his creations.
At the age of 30, he founded “l’Officina dei Giardini,” a leading company in designing exteriors, inspired by the eighteenth-century style (conservatories, pavilions, tents), and inspiring new life into ancient buildings.
Carlo travels a lot, especially for botanical explorations to the parts of the world that are still totally wild.
He writes for the Italian magazine “Gardenia” (Gardening). He wrote “Giardini d’Inverno” (Winter Gardens) book, published by Umberto Allemandi publishing house.
He also contributed to “Jardins des Alpes” (Gardens of the Alps) book by Leonardo Mondadori International Publishing. He is the co-author of the most complete Italian botanical and gardening heritage website.
Carlo has established an experimental botanical garden, planting more than 10.000 types of plants and shrubs.
Throughout his life Carlo Maria Maggia has completed environmental projects utilizing over one million of different plant species.
He has performed artistic-environmental projects, and as a rule, he patents his creations since they have high social and innovative value.
Carlo will be glad to create a special garden for any house or development in Tulum or anywhere in the Riviera Maya.

He is the co-author fo most complete italian botanical and gardening heritage website.

Let us know if you’d be interested to work with Carlo, and we will put you in touch!

Luxury Hotels

We have selected our favorite hotels in Tulum that offer a special atmosphere, and the best price-quality ration.

Alma Tulum hotel

Alma Tulum

Located on a sugary sand beach, this cozy and elegant hotel is our favorite in Tulum’s beach zone. Its breezy suites are surrounded by banana trees and beautiful bougainvillea flowers, offering relaxation and peaceful atmosphere, while you are enjoying the rhythm of sea waves. Indulge in gourmet meals at the beachfront restaurant that serves only the freshest local ingredients and Italian-inspired dishes, including local fresh fish. It’s perfect for a romantic vacation of your dreams!

We would be glad to make a reservation for you at Alma Tulum, and possibly offer a special discount!

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