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The town center of Tulum is easily accessible, small and cozy with a bohemian feel, quaint shops, small international and Mexican restaurants, souvenir stores, groceries and pharmacies. It is a blend of backpacker tourists, local Mexicans and expats (many of whom are American, Italian, Argentinean and Canadian) and vacationers who have come to explore Tulum from beach zone or other towns. Tulum center's new developments are visible every week: new restaurants, shops and offices keep opening and a growing number of expats call Tulum their home. While the main street is set up along a busy road, there are brand new neighborhoods developing alongside small streets dotted with new restaurants and bars. One of the must-tries is Batey Mojito & Guarapo bar, serving perhaps the best mojitos you have ever tried.

The fastest growing residential zone of Tulum is called La Veleta.
La Veleta is located 10 min from the beach zone and 1 km away from the center of the town. Already home to some modern, luxury condo buildings, La Veleta is an area of growth - new house projects are being constantly developed, and all underground services are already offered. One of the best news for the residents of La Veleta is the newly developing Kukulcan road that will give direct access to the beach. Land lots in La Veleta can still be purchased for $30K USD (read here).

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Facing La Veleta, on the other side of the road, there is another quickly developing area, Colonia Tumbenkah. Drainage and other main services have already been developed, and the neighborhood is in the zone of expansion. The density in the area is high, which gives the possibility to develop different kinds of projects. Colonia Tumbenkah offers amazing options for those desiring to build their vacation house in Tulum (that will be growing in value every year) or to simply buy a land lot as a long-term investment. Visit our database to see options available in Tumbenkah at the moment, such as this huge lot of $4,750 m2, selling for $50 USD per 1m2.

To access Tulum beach from town center, you will have to head to the hotel zone, where you will find boutique bungalow-style hotels, beach clubs that offer delicious food and drinks all day long, jungle-side open air gourmet dining, Spas and small shops.

Where Tulum beach zone ends, Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve begins. You can enter Sian Ka’an through the main Arch gate at the end of Tulum’s beach zone and can take the dirt road during dry season all the way to Punta Allen, its last fishermen town, from where you can take a boat excursion and spot many birds, dolphins and sea turtles. It is advisable to better take a jeep excursion into Sian Ka’an instead of going with your own car, especially during wet periods. Alternatively, you can head to Muyil, 10 min outside of Tulum, from where you will be able to take a local-guided boat tour through breathtaking lagoons and river canals of Sian Ka’an into the Caribbean Sea. If you are a lover of more extreme watersports, Boca Paila is also a secret kitesurfing spot, where you can have a day full of water adventure.

Owning land or building your own house in Sian Ka’an protected biosphere, the gorgeous, protected natural reserve right outside of Tulum’s beach zone, might seem as a dream. Nevertheless, there are certain beachfront lots right at the entrance of Sian Ka’an with permits for development (under strict protection of nature and environment) and available for sale. This area is meant for more lavish beachfront projects. The investors who bought properties in Sian Ka’an a couple of years ago see the increase in their investment value at least by 25%. Since it is a protected area, only a limited number of lots are available for sale, and they are selling fast. We still have some amazing Sian Ka’an beachfront real estate options available.

If you head to the opposite beachfront direction than Tulum beach zone at the junction, you will arrive to Playa Paraiso, or Paradise Beach. Beach zone here is less developed, and you will find perfect opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving and kitesurfing, a few beach bars, hammocks, lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Aldea Zama, an upscale residential community, offers residential and commercial real estate options and homes for sale. Aldea Zama is building a brand new center with shops, restaurants and businesses, a pedestrian street similar to 5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen, and perhaps even a golf course. The prices at Aldea Zama tend to be higher though, so you have to evaluate all pros and cons if you choose to invest within this community. If you are interested in this development, talk to our experts, who have inside information about the best options remaining at Aldea Zama.

Holistika is another type of residential community in Tulum with very unique, different concept. Set at the edge of La Veleta residential neighborhood, it is a carefully planned village with its own organic orchard, options for alternative medicine, yoga, reiki, acupuncture, massages and various holistic courses. Only 30 households per hectare (even less on the larger lots) are allowed in order to establish a lower impact development plan and a more spacious and luxurious look and feel for the community. The lots in Holistika start from $75K USD. See the remaining Holistika land options.

Then there is Region 4, which is the best location in Tulum after the beach, especially for a commercial/ residential project. It is a region at the intersection of the main Avenue Tulum and Boca Paila road that leads directly to the beach. It’s only a few minute drive away from the beach and from the ancient Mayan ruins, situated between center of Tulum and upscale development of Aldea Zama. Land lots in this region will not last - like this beautiful Region 4 lot of 5,700 sqm.

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Tulum is increasingly seen as a rare opportunity for real estate investment. Investors from all over the world are buying land, which they often subdivide into lots and sell for double the price. Many are opening eco-chic hotels and eco-gourmet restaurants. Retirees and snowbirds are choosing to invest in Tulum real estate as a way to own a vacation home in one of the most beautiful beaches on earth and also to earn additional income by renting their Tulum homes to vacationers.

The value of Tulum real estate has grown at an unparalleled rate in the past years, but the real growth and expansion is predicted yet to come. From 2012 till 2014 beach land prices went from $75 USD for 1sq m up to $150 USD, while in 2007 the price was only $30-40 USD.

Land and properties of varying sizes are available in the beach area, removed from the beach by small distance, in luxury developments nearby, in the town of Tulum, as well as in Sian Ka’an, the natural biosphere reserve.

Browse Tulum land options, and you will surely find the majority of lots to be in La Veleta.

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Those interested in Tulum beach condos have an opportunity to choose from already-built condo apartments or those still “on paper,” offering very attractive pre-sale prices. For example, one the interesting “on paper” projects, Tulum Mango Residence is being built on direct bike path to the beach, in front of Chedraui supermarket, making it an excellent location.

Investing in Tulum real estate means not only ensuring a constant value growth of your investment. It is an investment into your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as you will be entering one of the most sustainable and beautiful beachfront communities in the whole world.

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