Charities We Support

Riviera Maya Property Consultants supports Toshonos Charity in Tulum by donating part of the income from each sale to the charity.

Toshonos Charity Program


Toshonos is a local charity in Tulum that helps children have better lives and proper medical care, when there is no other hope left - whether they need medical, emotional or educational support. These are children with special needs, and therefore their needs for treatment and therapy are also special, and rarely affordable to their parents. Many of them have physical limitations, but instead they develop extraordinary skills in many areas. The goal of Toshonos is to help them be as independent as possible by using different means. We bring therapy and treatment, as well as specialists that they so badly need - therapists, special educators and psychologists.


Because we care about local kids, who are our neighbors, and we strive to live in a harmonious environment, where taking care of those around you is a natural way of living.


Please visit their website to read more about Toshonos (in Spanish) and to contact them personally.

Toshonos Charity Program

Riviera Maya Property Consultants also supports Les Couleurs Charity that operates in Haiti.


Les Couleurs Charity brings arts education to the most poor and desperate neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with the goal to teach, inspire and heal children in orphanages and schools. Children learn the art of painting, drawing, crafts, using different mediums, creative writing, and possibly also dance and music in the future. These classes teach them how to think creatively, as well as learn a craft that might be useful to them in the future.

Les Couleurs Charity Program Haiti

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