What makes Tulum so special? Explore why you should invest.

Tulum real estate

Tulum real estate and the value of Tulum homes for sale is an open secret: everybody knows that it is currently one of the hottest investment opportunities in the Riviera Maya and perhaps globally.


Tulum is a Mexican Caribbean beach village located in the southern part of the Riviera Maya, about 90 min from Cancun’s International Airport on a straight highway, 30 min away from Akumal and 40 min away from Playa del Carmen. It is home to miles of wide, picture-perfect white sand beaches, turquoise Caribbean waters, beach yoga, eco-vibe and focus on solar energy and top-class gourmet dining. Tulum real estate prices are on the verge of explosion - similar to what happened in Playa del Carmen 20 years ago, when it grew from a small fishing village to international tropical destination.

Tulum Mexico real estate


Tulum is an ancient Mayan city that receives thousands of visitors every day. Tulum’s Mayan ruins are proudly perched on a cliff overlooking blue Caribbean Sea and a white sand beach, making it one of the most visited tourist spots of Mexico.

But there is also the other side of Tulum. Tulum beach, beloved by vacationers and investors from the U.S., Canada, Italy, Argentina, Mexico and elsewhere, is also becoming a top celebrity vacation spot. Movie stars, socialites and other international stars are flocking to Tulum, especially in the winter, from New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere. Mesmerized by tranquil gorgeous beaches, Tulum’s gourmet food restaurants, beach yoga, Spas and discreet eco-chic boutique hotels that are scattered on the coastline celebrities, New Yorkers and glamorous international crowd call Tulum the paradise of rejuvenation and relaxation unlike any other. In addition, there are famous Tulum Mayan ruins to explore (10 minutes away from the beach zone), Coba, Mayan ruins just 40 minutes away, Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve snorkeling, swimming and diving in cenotes, kitesurfing and paddle boarding.

What makes Tulum special? The reasons may vary for everyone, but the unparalleled growth of Tulum real estate in recent years and scarcity of Tulum homes for sale compared to demand point to the fact that there is an undeniable attraction to its magic beaches and sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere.

Perhaps one of the reasons of its attraction is Tulum’s position as an eco-chic destination. Many beach hotels still use wind and solar energy and many new investors in Tulum’s land lots thankfully want to follow green architecture rules and sustainable building techniques by using local Mayan materials. Tulum has very strict building regulations that intend to preserve this paradisiacal piece of land as unspoiled as possible and many of Tulum’s homes for sale are built in eco-sustainable way.

There are many press articles about Tulum, as newspapers and magazines love following the growth of Tulum from an unknown hippie beach town to a glamorous, green international destination that expands and grows without losing its charming vibe. Forbes article on Tulum as the destination for the rich and famous also mentions Riviera Maya Property Consultants as a top luxury real estate company in Tulum.

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