Muyil real estate. Why invest in Muyil?

Muyil real estate

Muyil real estate offers amazing investment opportunities, as it is also an ancient Mayan city with ruins visited yearly by big groups of tourists. Its proximity to the fast-delevoping Tulum and location in the gorgeous tourist-beloved Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve (at its western edge) gives it even more value as a real estate investment.

Muyil, older than Tulum by 400 years, was an important city to the Mayans. Actually, it was one of the longest inhabited and earliest Mayan towns in this part of Yucatan. The Mayan ruins of Muyil are a representation of Peten architecture, with steep-walled pyramids. The town of Muyil actually boasts six Mayan archeological structures that are still to be discovered by mass tourism. Three of the most impressive include El Castillo (51-foot magnificent pyramid), Pink Palace that has stucco-decorated walls and the Sacbe, ancient Mayan paved road system.

Muyil beachfront land investments

The town was located along Caribbean trade routes accessible only via river canals and had strong ties to the major Mayan town of Coba, located 27 miles (44 km) away. Its inland lakes are connected to the Caribbean Sea via intricate canal systems dredged by the early Mayans that are still accessible by boat as a part of Sian Ka’an tour.

Muyil is located 10 min south of Tulum, and is a gateway to the biosphere of Sian Ka'an, where anyone can explore its turquoise lagoons and wildlife by boat or foot.

Due to its position and attractiveness for tourists, Muyil real estate is undoubtedly poised to be the next hotspot on the Mexican Caribbean.

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