Holbox Island

Holbox real estate. Why invest in Holbox?

Holbox island is located in the north of Quintana Roo state, 10 km in front of northeastern coast of Yucatan peninsula. It has sandy streets, colorful buildings, and relaxed, laid-back attitude, perfect for anyone looking for complete tranquility and looking to get away from the noise of civilization.

Holbox at sunset

It is 40 km in length and 2 km in width, with 34 km of beautiful beaches on the north side. The island is attached to the peninsula by a sand strip, with various canals that connect it to the sea and to Yalahau lagoon. Holbox has about 1,200 inhabitants.

Holbox beach

The island is a part of biosphere reserve and Protected Area of Flora and Fauna Yum Balam, making it home to more than 150 species of birds - such as pelicans, herons, ibis and flamingos and to endless empty beaches in multiple tones of blue and green.

Holbox: whale sharks

One of the highlights and main tourist draws of Holbox are whale sharks that come to its shores in huge numbers in the summer. Various tours take you to swim, snorkel and dive with these amazing creatures. Whale shark industry has actually become predominant one on the island, while fishing has always been its industry #1. The island is also known as a perfect spot to learn how to kitesurf.

The streets on Holbox are unpaved, and all streets are white sand streets. The main means of transportations are golf carts, but walking to the town square from the dock takes less than 10 min. You can find the beach a few blocks away from the square.

Holbox is accessible by ferry from Chiquila Port, and the boat trip takes about 20 min (there are also private boats). Chiquila is easy to reach from Cancun or Playa del Carmen by direct ADO bus or by car.

Holbox at sunset

Isla Holbox is a small, friendly Mexican Caribbean island, and one of the best-kept real estate secrets of Mexico, where beachfront real estate is still affordable, and the surroundings are completely pristine.

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