Cozumel real estate. Why invest in Cozumel?

Cozumel real estate

Cozumel real estate is an opportunity to invest in some amazing commercial lots perfect for hotels, located in an island that is always flocked with tourists of all ranges of incomes.

A world-renowned island with its own airport, Cozumel attracts tourists as one of the best diving spots in the world. It’s central part booms with resorts, incredible beaches and activities, while most of it remains under-developed. Its popularity skyrocketed when Jacques Cousteau went diving and showed its breathtaking underwater life to the world.

Cozumel commercial & residential land lots

The island lies 71 km south of Cancun and 19.6 km off the coast of Playa del Carmen (easily accessible by regular ferries) and measures 53 x 14 km. Cozumel is beloved by visitors - vendors and the restaurants on the main town square are always busy. The interesting fact is that once you leave the port area, you will find yourself in a wild, beautiful island, dotted by hotels, beach bars and restaurants only here and there.

Cozumel real estate

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