Celestun real estate. Why invest in Holbox?

Celestun, an enchanting Mexican fishermen’s town, is located less than an hour from the safest, cosmopolitan Mexican city of Merida. Celestun is a beach town, but its main draw is the national biosphere reserve, the winter home for many pink flamingos, herons and other birds. Other inhabitants include pelicans, turtles, multiple fish and others.

Flamongos in Celestun Lagoon

It’s a great place to feel the rhythm of a slow Mexican pace, admire lazy white sand beaches and calm sea, and consider investing in a real estate in the paradise of nature on the famous Flamingo coast.

Pelicans in Celestun Lagoon

The town has a unique ecosystem because of a combination of fresh water and salt water from Gulf of Mexico.

Celestun reserve forest

For those who decide to get a winter home or invest in Celestun, the options for an active lifestyle are limitless: kayaking, fishing, yachting, snorkeling or scuba diving, bird watching or simply enjoying slower rhythms in a tropical paradise.

Celestun beach at sunset

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