Eco homes in Tulum are becoming the latest trend

Eco home – or nature home – is a house built with natural materials, and surrounded by nature. As people crave to unwind from stressful city life, and seek to find a refuge in a natural environment, such nature homes are becoming a dream of many.


In Tulum, we are way ahead in building and selling such eco nature homes.


Here are some of the main features that distinguish a nature home from a regular house:

1. It’s located away from civilization, in a completely natural environment, such as secluded beach or a jungle.

2. It’s built using natural materials, most of them locally sourced.

3. An eco-house consumes as little energy and water as possible, using solar energy or rain water – as many houses do in Tulum.

4. It uses a holistic design, which considers how the design will impact the people and environment.


We at Riviera Maya Property Consultants have currently build one of these nature eco-homes in the jungle.  Called GM villa, the house features modern construction, wide glass openings and minimal details to stay connected to the local environment. GM villa was built using exclusively local materials.


GM Villa


To those who want a nature house that is already for sale, we can suggest the beautiful Casa del Destino Feliz. Situated on 5 acres of land in a secure gated community, Los Arboles Tulum, the house is only 15-min drive from the beach.


Casa del Destino Feliz


Casa del Destino Feliz surrounds with the serenity of the deep jungle: spider monkeys, colorful birds and swaying lush vegetation.


The house has 2 bedrooms plus a bonus room to serve as an additional sleeping room or office. There is a large outdoor deck on the second floor, a small deck on first and a large star gazing terrace on the top floor.


It’s a solar-powered home (with generator back up), with a large water cistern and an efficient reverse osmosis water purification, which allows for pure drinking water without wasting plastic water bottles. A large propane tank provides for cooking and water heating.  Modern efficient kitchen features latest appliances and ample storage.


The house is beautifully landscaped with ample parking. A true paradise for a nature-seeker!


To speak to us about building or owning a house in Tulum, please contact us directly!


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