The paradise island of Holbox has had some issues with drainage and electricity. Is Tulum next?

Flamingos in Holbox island


The population of the idyllic Holbox island has tripled in the past 20 years, and the tourism has exploded. Tourists are lured by the island's picturesque beaches, sandy streets, relaxed lifestyle and happy atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the growth of the island has happened too fast for some officials to realize what is going on. Since Holbox doesn’t have much development in urban planning or drainage maintenance, as a result, the paradise island has currently experienced water, sewage and electrical problems.

Many hotels in Holbox have already been emptying their organic waste into the sea, simply because the island doesn’t have enough collection tanks – and recent problems only highlighted an already-existing issue.

In July and August, hotel occupancy fell from 100 percent to 40 percent. Even though the island is already dealing with its problems, the word of mouth has spread, and Holbox is expected to experience a huge loss in revenue.


What can be done in other parts of Yucatan, such as Tulum, to avoid similar issues?


We know that Tulum also has lots of similar problems that could become another disaster, as some land owners build their properties without following the environmental regulations. It can even happen that a house is built on top of cenotes. Cenotes connect the whole underground water system of Yucatan, and contamination of this water can severely affect all town.

We strongly believe that Tulum has the potential to develop in sustainable way, bringing economic prosperity to the local economy and preserving its magic as a tropical seaside paradise.

Unfortunately, we know that some developers in Tulum only care about short-term profits - but there are others who invest in Tulum’s future, preserve green spaces, protect underground water systems and shrink the size of developed land, leaving more untouched nature. 

Riviera Maya Property Consultants only starts projects that strictly follow all environmental regulations and help protect our fragile eco-system.


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