Oh the magic Tulum beach! They say that once you set your foot in Tulum, you’re in love. Next thing you know, you are investing in Tulum real estate.




Investing in Tulum real estate has captivated many investors from around the world. Is it something in the air or can we define the factors that make Tulum beach so special?

Even though the Mexican Caribbean has grown faster than most places in the world, this serene beach town is still a secret celebrity hideaway spot with a unique blend of a sophisticated beach culture and eco vibe.

Get captured by tranquil energy of Tulum beach, relax with oceanfront yoga and natural Spas, indulge in the high art of the local gastronomy at jungle side restaurants of Tulum and try many of the activities not found anywhere else. It’s easy to create your own never-ending adventure in Tulum!

Those considering investing in Tulum real estate will discover a truly special place that captivates you from the first moment.

Here are some of the reasons that define the magic of Tulum beach and its value for real estate investors:


1. Easy access.

The International Airport of Cancun has easy connections to most of the USA, Canada, all of the Caribbean, many major European hubs, Russia and other countries. The travel time from Cancun’s Airport to Tulum beach is 90 minutes on a straight highway.

2. Climate.

Tulum beach has pleasantly warm climate year-round: the temperatures vary from an average of 28C (82F) to 24C (75F), with January being the coldest month. Sea temperature reaches 29C (84F) in August, thought it’s warm all year.

3. Sian Ka’an.

Tulum’s beach zone borders Sian Ka’an, a natural biosphere reserve, home to thousands of species of birds and plants, scattered blue water lagoons and wild nature. The land at the entrance of Sian Ka’an, located on the white sand of the Caribbean Sea, is available for development and Tulum real estate investments.



4. World’s second largest barrier reef.

The Riviera Maya region is known for the world’s 2nd coral reef (largest after Australia) with thousands of colorful fish and sea life that invites for an unforgettable snorkeling and diving experience at Tulum beach. You can also swim with turtles in Akumal, dive with whale sharks on Holbox island or simply snorkel along the coast to admire the breathtaking underwater world.




5. Cenotes.

Cenotes are natural pools of crystalline fresh water, scattered throughout the jungle. Some are on the surface, appearing as refreshing blue water pools, while others are surrounded by caverns and stalactites, inviting for a snorkeling or cave diving expedition. Cenotes are unique to Yucatan and formed millions of years ago after a meteor hit the Earth. They were considered to be sacred to Mayans, who used cenotes for many of their ceremonies. Tulum beach is surrounded by many cenotes and underground cenote systems. Dive, snorkel, explore!

6. Gastronomy.

Tulum is getting the fame of a gourmet paradise, and rightfully so. Many of the enchanting jungle restaurants of Tulum in the open air have been opened by expats from New York, Italy or Mexico City, serving organic local products in various mouth-watering, Mexican-international combinations. Try Hartwood, Casa Banana or Simple.




7. Sports and adventure.

Besides swimming, diving and cave explorations, Tulum beach offers many water other sports, including kitesurfing or paddle-boarding. Those who prefer to stay on shore will also find their preferred activities, such as golfing.




8. Parks and tours.

The Riviera Maya is the land of never-ending adventure and fun. It is home to eco-cultural water parks, such as Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Xplor. The off-beaten-track adventure companies, such as AllTournative, will take you to cenotes, Mayan towns and jungle adventure. You can also take tours to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, departing from Muyil.

9. Mayan culture.

When you are in Tulum beach, you are in the Mayan land. You realize how lucky the ancient Mayans were to have chosen this piece of paradise to develop the coastal part of their empire. The ancient Mayan port town of Tulum is 10 minutes away from the main beach zone, and features pyramids perched on a cliff overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The ancient Mayan town of Coba is 40 min away, and Chichen Itza, the 7th Wonder of the World, is 3h ride away. Mayan culture is still alive in gastronomy, Spas, rituals and Mayan language is spoken by many inhabitants of the region.

10. Beach yoga.

Tulum beach has nailed the art of relaxation, and beach yoga one is of its best-developed relaxation forms. Reach the state of mental peace by practicing in many yoga studios that offer classes on the beach or in the jungle. Yoga is taught by experienced yoga teachers and admired by many celebrities.

11. Spas.

 Do you know where celebrities go for their after-fashion week pampering? Tulum beach! For a sophisticated but natural experience, enjoy the newly opened Yäan Wellness Energy Spa. You might be rubbing elbows with Demi Moore, Sting and his wife, Calvin Klein and others. If you want a completely local Mayan spiritual experience, try temazcal, a Mayan sweat lodge.

12. Eco-chic vibe. 

Tulum beach seems to have caught the trend of sophisticated-and-green luxury, and it is determined to keep it up. The eco-chic vibe is visible anywhere from gourmet, organic food restaurants to boutique beach hotels that get their energy from solar panels.

With so many options and developments, what does it mean to you as a Tulum real estate investor? The chic trend guarantees the constant growth of real estate prices and high demand for beach luxury. The influx of celebrities signifies that the sophistication of future developments will keep rising. In addition, the fact that Tulum beach preserves its nature and resources is a sign that your investment will be valuable for many years to come – and you will be contributing to the development of the region in a positive, eco-conscious way. 


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