We suggest some of the best providers of renewable energy, architecture, landscaping, gardening and more - so that your Tulum house is perfectly equipped, energy-optimized and has a breathtaking design, inside and outside.

Jungle House in Tulum by Riviera Maya Property Consultants


When you are building a house or condo in Tulum, you often start looking for the best providers – whether you need to install kitchen cabinets, renewable energy system or to design your tropical garden.


We have selected some of the best experts in their fields – take a look.


Alternative energy. Solaire is a local company with almost 15 years of experience in renewable energy resources. Solaire’s air conditioners, for example, save up to 70% of energy compared to regular ones. The company sells eco-friendly energy, such as thermal engineering, photovoltaic and wind-generated power.


Energy optimization. When you are building your house, you need to know how to manage the energy to optimize efficiency and costs. We recommend one of the top experts in this field, Paola Fazio. She will not only give advice about the best energy optimization techniques, but will also create a state-of-the-art energy distribution in your house that will help the environment and your wallet.


Expert gardening from an Italian garden designer. If you have been dreaming about a lush tropical garden with exotic fruit trees and flowers, ponds and palm trees, you should hire someone who is passionately in love with his job – the Italian botanist, landscaper and garden designer, Carlo Maria Maggia. Carlo combines ancient buildings with 18-century style gardening design in Italy, and has a perfect understanding about tropical gardens of Mexico. Over his career, Carlo has designed gardens by utilizing over a million of different plant species, published books on gardening and founded a company for exterior design.


Architecture. We at Riviera Maya Property Consultants have been completing various architectural projects in Tulum that utilize local materials, modern design and luxury finishings. Our buildings stand out alone as architectural jewels, but they also fit into the environment where they are built – whether it’s the jungle of Tulum or the fast-developing town center. 


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