Mexico invites retirees and expats with unparalleled lifestyle and investment opportunities


International Living has announced that Mexico is the winner of the best place to retire in 2017. Mexico has already been ranked among the top 10 best retirement destinations for the past 14 years, and has won the first place five times.


International Living believes that this country offers the easiest transition to expat life, and provides a perfect balance of exotic culture and comfortable Western lifestyle.


Other top retirement destinations on International Living’s top list include Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Malaysia, Spain, Nicaragua, Portugal and Malta.


In the latest development, American and Canadian expats from other countries – Costa Rica, Ecuador and Belize – are also moving to Mexico, inspired by its low-cost lifestyle, ancient traditions and contemporary convenience.


Here are the main reasons that make expats choose Mexico:


1. Ancient traditions mixed with modern lifestyle. Mexico is the land of ancient tradition. For example, in the Riviera Maya expats live next to Mayan people, surrounded by majestic Mayan pyramids, built by their ancestors. The town of Merida surrounds visitors by an eclectic mix of Mayan and Spanish colonial cultures. At the same time, Mexico is offers all the conveniences that any American is used to. It has most common American-brand stores and all the modern conveniences, such as cable TV and high-speed Internet.


2. U.S. dollar against Mexican peso. Mexican peso has just reached – again - an all-time low against American dollar. Peso has been steadily falling over the years, but most recently it reacted to the announcement of Ford carmaker not to build a new plant in San Luis Potosi. The steady trend of falling peso throughout years means your dollar will most likely have even more value in Mexico over time. At the time of writing, the rate is 21.89 MXP to 1 USD.


3. Quality of life. Life quality in Mexico is usually much richer for any Westerner than it is at home. The weather is perfect year round, and most services and goods cost just a fraction of the price. If you choose such beach paradise as Tulum, you will also be enjoying incredible beaches, delicious food and a growing expat community. By reducing the costs for goods and services, and hiring a gardener, a maid and a cook, expats free up the time to enjoy the activities that they like. It’s easy to have a quality lifestyle in Mexico on around $2,000 USD per couple.


4. Affordable healthcare. Health care in Mexico is much more affordable than in the U.S., and has high international standards.


5. Real estate and investment opportunities.  Mexico can boast some true hotspots that have great real estate opportunities, from colonial city centers to beautiful beaches – perfect for any kind of lifestyle. Those looking for a relaxed beach lifestyle with excellent investment opportunities, often choose Tulum, an emerging boomtown, where investing in real estate will also bring additional value to the second home. In just six years, the price of luxury condos in Tulum more than doubled: for example, 602-square-foot suites in Tulum were sold from $127,000 in 2009, and now they are listed for $265,000. Monthly rents for a two-bedroom, furnished condo range from $550 to $1,200 a month. A land lot in a developing residential neighborhoods can still be purchased for $40K USD. Riviera Maya Property Consultants, a local real estate & architectural company founded by expats in Tulum, provides all services starting from land or property selection, architectural projects, construction and even property management.


Mexico is a beautiful, vast, diverse country that will continue to attract Americans, Canadians, Italian, Argentineans, and expats from all over the world with its lifestyle and unparalleled opportunities for a great retirement.


If you wish to discuss investing in Tulum and Riviera Maya, please contact us. We’d be happy to help.




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