Toshonos is a local charity that supports Tulum kids with disabilities

At Toshonos event in Tulum on December 3rd


Tulum is a beautiful paradise for those who come here on vacation, to build homes or to invest. The economical and real estate boom is great for locals who work in tourism or real estate industries. However, as every society, Tulum has its vulnerable members – disabled kids, who would be forgotten by all except for their families, if it weren’t for Toshonos – a local charity that we support.


On December 3rd, Toshonos held an event, aiming to teach the local community about children’s with disability issues in Tulum. The biggest problem for kids is the difficulty of being included in social, educational and work environment.


At Toshonos event in Tulum on December 3rd


The event was a lot of fun! The founders are very thankful to have had many sponsors who donated food, drinks and sweets for the event. The kids enjoyed a lot of activities, and received educational games, donated by Nueva Vida de Ramiro hotel.


At Toshonos event in Tulum on December 3rd


Toshonos is a non-profit organization that is able to function because of donations. They offer free therapy courses for children, including physical, occupational and educational therapies. The therapists come from Cancun on weekends, sacrificing their own free time.


At the moment Toshonos doesn’t have the resources to pay a salary to a therapist who would stay based in Tulum, so they have to make do with whatever time and resources are donated.


The dream of Toshonos founders is to be able to find a piece of land where they could build a rehabilitation center, equipped with the means to employ disabled teenagers and adults so that they can work, feel included in society and be independent.


At Toshonos event in Tulum on December 3rd


Tulum is still very far from first world countries when it comes to caring for its most vulnerable society members, but Toshonos dream is to make sure these kids are included in society as any other children.


While the founders of Toshonos have big dreams, they want to start from small steps: to raise enough money to be able to hire therapists, to give consultations and to help as many families as possible. Currently, with limited resources, they are already helping about 30 Tulum’s families.


How can you help? Every single resource counts: your time, skills, financial help, and whatever you can donate. Contact us for more information or visit Toshonos website.




Thank you! Gracias!



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