Tulum real estate is as fascinating as ever - and investors are changing its face unrecognizably

TF1 French TV does a travel program on Tulum

Tulum is fastest-growing Mexican Caribbean town, and the rate of real estate growth in the past year confirms people are eagerly investing in this idyllic beach town.

For those who are not familiar, Tulum is located 90 min south of Cancun (and 45 min of Playa del Carmen), following the Mexican Caribbean coastline of white sand beaches and turquoise warm sea. Named among six best places in the world to own a second home by Investopedia.com, Tulum is a pre-Columbian Mayan city – Tulum’s Mayan ruins draw about 1.1 million visitors per year.

Of course, the major draw is Tulum beach. Recognized by MSNBC, Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure, New York Times, USA Today and countless other publications as one of the best beaches in the world, Tulum beach takes one’s breath away with its pristine coastline, picture-perfect white sand dotted by palm trees, against the background of a clear warm sea.

However, Tulum is not just about beach. The town has quickly become a favorite destination for eco-chic travelers, fashionistas and savvy tourists looking for something outside of mega resorts. They have found Tulum, and fallen in love with it, giving a quick push to its development into a fashionable, ecological, quaint beach town, known for its gourmet food, boutique hotels on the beach, yoga, Spas and relaxation surrounded by gorgeous nature.

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The story of Tulum is similar to that of Playa del Carmen, which grew from a small fishing village into an international buzzing beach city, in just short 15 years. Imagine how happy are now those first investors who came to Playa 15 or 20 years ago and saw its potential. Their investments have increased in value multiple times.

Tulum has had investors eyeing its potential for some years now. Many are buying land lots, others are building condos, houses and future luxury residential developments. Some residential zones, like La Veleta, are almost all sold out – and it was still pretty jungle-like a couple of years ago.

We are here to offer you the insider information about Tulum and its potential for investors. Real estate is a powerful wealth-creation technique that can guarantee a tranquil retirement, and beautiful sun-filled days with your family when you are enjoying your property as well as making money off of it.

We deal directly with the owners of lands and properties in Tulum and to hunt the best deals that we disclose to our clients through our website and newsletter (SIGN UP HERE). We spend a lot of time researching properties in Tulum, and double-checking each opportunity to make sure it has the right documents and title of the property. Then we do our best to negotiate some special deals that we present to our clients.

Since real estate creates more wealth than any other potential investment, now you only have to find the opportunity that is right for you.

Current prices (as of May, 2016) per 1 sqm of land in Tulum is as follows:

La Veleta: $150 USD

Harmony: $150 USD

Region 15: $100-$150 USD

Region 8: $200

Aldea Zama: $350 USD

Titled beach land: starting at $500-$550 USD

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The value of Tulum real estate will continue growing in the next years. There’s still a huge shortage of hotels and short-term rentals.

There are exciting deals available right now – and we can help you find out about them. We try to update our clients about the opportunities first, before anyone else does. We only pass along opportunities that we know are safe and great investment deals.

We also provide architectural and construction services, and we will put you in touch with a lawyer, notary and everyone else you will need.

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