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Mexico real estate, viewed within the context of this newly emerging economy, is said to be a true opportunity. Mexico’s property value growth has been analyzed by many experts. For example, Tulum real estate is known to be on a true upwards spiral. We will explain the main reasons of the current hype happening in Mexico.


The whole country of Mexico is emerging as a solid global economy: Goldman Sachs has predicted that Mexico could be 5th largest economy in the world by 2050 (CNBC); it’s also surpassing Brazil that was the hottest emerging economy for some years (Forbes).


There are many factors that make this Latin American country very attractive to Mexico real estate investors. As it is a growing economy, Mexico real estate is one of the most lucrative ways to invest and also to enjoy the lifestyle that many have always been dreaming of – whether it’s a tropical residential beach house, or a commercial property, such as a hotel or a bigger development.


Here are some of the factors that make Mexico real estate so attractive for global investors:


1. Emerging tourist destinations. Mexico, as a developing country, has some tourist destinations that are still on the verge of explosion – a phenomenon that does not exist in Europe or the U.S. anymore. For example, the Caribbean Riviera Maya region, with a major international airport in Cancun, has been discovered by mainstream tourism only twenty years ago. The tourism first exploded in Cancun, then the developers moved down the coast to Playa del Carmen, which was just a small fishing village with unpaved streets 15 years ago, and now is a booming tourist city. Tulum, which is the next beach village after Playa del Carmen on the federal highway from Cancun, has been recently emerging as a secret celebrity hotspot with paradise-like beaches and eco-chic vibe. It is predicted that Tulum real estate, where land is still available at comparatively low prices, is about to explode in the next years.


 2. Living standards. Many places in Mexico, especially on the coast, are investor’s dream come true, with living standards not experienced at home. Here you will find a perfect combination of natural beauty and casual-chic, an enchanting blend of history, a wealth of cultural heritage, wilderness, landscape, clean air, sun, sea and silky sand, in addition to water sports, golfing and great food. Also, the cost of services is much lower than in the U.S. or Europe. By investing in Mexico real estate you will be able to create a quality of life that is not easily accessible in Western countries.


3. Sophistication in hospitality and tourism. Mexicans know how to welcome you! The famous Mexican hospitality is something every visitor experiences – smiling faces, eagerness to help, natural curiosity about you and your country are all a part of your welcome to Mexico. Even regions that were not historical tourist destinations have naturally adopted hospitality culture of highest global standards. For example, tourism sector became dominant in the Riviera Maya and the whole Quintana Roo state, currently taking 85.7% of the market share. 5-star services are offered in many resorts, hotels and restaurants.


4. Talent and creativity. If you decide to invest in Mexico real estate, you will be working with highly-skilled, multilingual, motivated workforce. Mexicans have a desire to build, to create and to advance that is ingrained in their culture, and Mexico is a country of limitless creativity. Some of the most famous emerging artists and fashion designers come from Mexico, and just remember such art icons as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Rodolfo Morales and others. Each region and town is famous for its own sophisticated arts & crafts techniques that have woven Spanish and indigenous traditions into colorful, captivating form of art.


5. ICT & Infrastructure. As a Mexico real estate investor, you will need solid infrastructure and high-speed communication. Here, you will discover one of the fastest Internet networks in the world and reliable logistics across the country. High-speed internet is available across the country and is not expensive.


6. Low property taxes. Property taxes in Mexico form just a small fraction of those one would normally pay in such country as the U.S., with average property taxes equaling a few hundred U.S. dollars per year. Exemption from capital gains tax is also easy to obtain by proving a residence in the property for at least 6 months.


7. Cost competitiveness. Mexico is a cost competitive country with growing productivity. According to Jose Manuel Ramirez of tax audit firm KPMG, quoted by CNBC, “For many years, Mexico has been doing all it can to attract investors and has reached a high level of sophistication.”


As it often happens, there are investment pioneers in each country or destination, who discover excellent investment opportunities before anybody else. For example, the investors and developers who came to Playa del Carmen 15 years ago and saw the promise of an idyllic Mexican Caribbean fishing village are now experiencing unparalleled return of their investments.


Before deciding to invest in Mexico real estate, you should determine why some specific place or region is attractive to you – whether it’s due to its breathtaking landscape, quality of life and cost of services – and then do a complete research of its predicted development and potential real estate growth.


At the moment, measuring the predicted property value growth and the quality of life, it would be hard to find a better candidate for a real estate investment than the paradise-like Caribbean beach town of Tulum.


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