Tulum real estate is more attractive to investors than ever because of a strong dollar and euro


The Huffington Post has recently reported that retiring in Mexico has become more affordable than ever - and the same goes for investing, buying property or buying simply buying land in such a fast-developing place as Tulum and waiting until it goes up in price.
The current exchange rate (as of April 2016) is 17.56 MXN: 1 USD and 20.05 MXN: 1 EUR.
According to the article, "Today’s Mexico is not only amazingly diverse and exotic; it’s also far more modern and developed than it was 15 or even 20 years ago.” That is certainly true for the Riviera Maya region, which just 20 years ago was completely undeveloped Caribbean shoreline, with some tourists coming only to Cancun. Playa del Carmen grew to be an internationally acclaimed beach town in about 15 years timeframe; currently, Tulum is following this path with a multitude of new developments. For example, its residential zone, La Veleta, is unrecognizable compared to what it looked like just a couple of years ago: construction sites are everywhere, with new houses and condos being developed or already built. A lot of movement is happening in gated residential communities also: Aldea Zama, Los Arboles, Holistika, ant others. 
For those making a living in U.S. or Canadian dollars or euros, investing in Tulum real estate has never been more attractive than now. The cost of living is also very affordable. The Huffington Post breaks it down:
Monthly Budget (for a couple)
Housing (rental of a furnished two-bedroom): $900
Utilities (electricity, gas, water, phone, cable TV, Internet): $130
Groceries: $300
Entertainment (dining out and other activities): $200
Household help (maid once a week): $70 
Incidentals: $100
Total: $1,700

At the moment, there are about two million expats living in Mexico. The reasons why many of them chose Mexico include quality of life, warm tropical weather year round, access to high quality, affordable healthcare, and so on. Expats who live here have easy access to maids, gardeners, travel and other comforts that they were not able to afford back at home. Additionally, Tulum provides ideal life conditions for those seeking an escape in a tropical paradise: there is a focus on a healthy lifestyle with local markets and delicious gourmet food; activities, such as scuba diving, biking, golf or beach walking; easy access to Merida, Playa del Carmen, ancient Mayan towns, Bacalar and so on.

However, one does not need to become an expat in order to take advantage of amazing real estate opportunities that Tulum has to offer. Tulum real estate is in a stage of rapid growth, and the demand for housing is still greater than what’s available on the market. Tulum needs condos, supermarkets, gyms, hospitals, residential developments… and the time to invest is now.

If you want to find out about specific real estate opportunities in Tulum - and in the Riviera Maya or Costa Maya - contact us to chat about what’s available for your budget and preferences. Riviera Maya Property Consultants is an expat-founded real estate/ architectural agency that also provides architectural design and construction services.


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