Have romance on the beach or enjoy parks, tours and activities! Tulum has it all, just follow our advice.

Tulum is a secret hideaway place for lovebirds - who doesn't love white sand beaches, unspoilt coastlines, clear blue waters, and eco-rustic-chic beach bungalows! It is also drawing attention from couples on honeymoons - and not only because of its stunning, romantic sunsets, but also a wide array of things to do!

If your style to honeymoon involves lying on a beach bed all day and admiring the incredible color of the Caribbean Sea, feeling the soft white sand under your toes and slowly sipping a margarita, then Tulum is a perfect honeymoon destination for you. However, if you also enjoy being active, exploring and discovering new things as a couple, while admiring the incredible nature, then you are also at the right place!

According to any insider, Tulum has much more to do than an average beach destination, due to an incredible variety of nature, natural eco-parks, Mayan culture, the world’s 2nd largest coral barrier reef, delicious food…

Are you ready to have fun?.. Let’s start the explorations!



Spend a day full of fun and adventure! The parks of the Riviera Maya are full of natural wonders…


Wander through the jungle roads of this eco-cultural water park, swim through the rivers and enjoy many adventures. If you are staying for the evening, it’s always fun to have dinner and enjoy the spectacular Mexico show – the colors and music of Mexico will fascinate you!


Xplor Park is a unique underground world, so get ready for an adrenaline-filled day! During the day, hold hands and fly between trees and bridges, discover amazing caves and extraordinary rock formations. And at night, marvel at the mysteries of Xplor Fuego, with moon and stars as your witnesses.


Aktun Chen means “natural well inside a cave.” This spectacular 640 m (0.4 mile) cave is the largest dry cave system in the Riviera Maya. Walk together through the 5-million-year-old cave and think about how lucky you are to have found each other on this old planet.


Visit a secret underground river for a romantic experience under the earth! Float through a natural tunnel decorated with breathtaking stalactites and listen to silence and breathing of Mother Earth. This tour takes half a day.


Visit Akumal to swim with turtles. You can go by yourselves or take one of the local tour boats that will show you the best snorkeling spots. Then wander into Yal-Ku park, where you can snorkel in the clearest lagoon with countless colorful fish. You can then rent one of the palapas to relax and sunbathe.


The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, also known as the Place Where Heaven Is Born, is a natural protected space on the Caribbean coast that is home to multiple wild species. During dryer season, you can take your car to Bocal Paila or even further down. Sian Ka’an starts right after the end of Tulum beach zone.




Go on a discovery tour together to find out the ancient Mayan secrets…


Perched high on a cliff, there is an ancient Mayan town of Tulum, inviting to delve deep into the life of Mayans by visiting their temples and houses. Since you are staying in Tulum, it will be easy to reach – it’s just 10 min away from your beach hotel zone.


One of the most significant architectural Mayan sites, Coba is just 40 min away from Tulum. You can even climb on top of a pyramid!


Hurry and go to admire Ek Balam, as it is still away of the main tourist routes. Its amazingly well-preserved sculptures will make your day exciting and full of surprises. Dating from 100 B.C., Ek Balam is unlike any other Mayan site. The main temple will impress you both in its size and architecture and will make you marvel at its intricate details of artistry and symbolism incorporated into frescoes and sculptures.



The Riviera Maya is full of natural wonders… We picked some of the best tour options that we really like ourselves!

SIAN KA’AN TOURS. Go to Muyil town and take a fascinating tour with local guides that will give you a full day of adventure of Sian Ka’an natural biosphere reserve. You will take a motor boat with a local guide and go through the turquoise lagoon, to arrive to the river with a strong stream, where you will be able to lay down and float (don’t forget to hold hands for the full romantic experience). Then you will enjoy a Mayan lunch and a jungle hike.


Dos Ojos is one of the most beautiful cenotes (fresh water sink holes) of Tulum. Snorkel with a guide who will show caverns of incredible beauty.


This original tour will take you to the ancient Mayan town of Coba, where you will discover the amazing Nohoch Muul pyramid, the tallest in Yucatan. Then you will visit a secluded Maya village and enjoy its well preserved natural lagoons, cenotes and jungle paths, where you will soar the canopy in breathtaking zip lines and swim in hidden caves. www.alltournative.com


You will enter into the amazing Sac-Actun cenote system, where you will snorkel in the Nohoch Nah Chiich cavern, surrounded by rock formations and millenary stalactites and stalagmites. Then you will ride through the jungle in all-terrain cars, rappel into a cenote and swim in Yaxmuul, a unique natural pool. www.alltournative.com


This is your chance to visit the wonderfully preserved Ek-Balam, an ancient Mayan that has been recently restored. To finish the tour, discover the mysterious Cenote Maya, a great natural pool with beautiful rock formations. www.alltournative.com


The Coba MayaVille is a complete expedition to unveil the Maya culture: you will visit the archaeological site of Coba and stop by a secluded Maya family set in Laguna Chabela. Then you’ll go on to Tres Reyes, an authentic Maya village, swim in an incredible Cenote in Esmeralda and enjoy a typical meal. www.alltournative.com

When you honeymoon destination is Tulum, you will not only have the most romantic time, but you will build memories of a lifetime! Enjoy!


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