Mikael Redman, the famous American sculptor, especially known for his precious miniature sculptures of native American Indians, has designed a stunning jungle house in Tulum, Mexico. Now the house is for sale.


Precious sculptures of American Indians in movement by Mikael Redman are beloved by collectors and art lovers everywhere. Now, the artist’s ultimate creation – his jungle home in Los Arboles, Tulum, Mexico - opens its doors for the lucky buyer.


Buffalo Dancer by Mikael Redman


Mr. Redman, originally from Arizona, has been searching for beauty all throughout his creative life, whether by incorporating influences of Cellini and Rene Lalique or drawing from Greek and Roman art. Early on, Mr. Redman discovered the beauty of Asian art, which blends beautifully with natural materials and fascinating jungle surroundings of his house that he has personally designed in Tulum.

Mikael Redman moved to Mexico in 2004, after having instantly fallen in love with the warmth of Mexican people, the country's family values and the breathtaking nature of Tulum, where jungle and white sand beaches provide a perfect refuge from a busy life, and an excellent background for one's fantasy dream house in the nature.

His carefully designed Mexican house is nestled in a private gated eco-development called Los Arboles with 5-acre lots and abundant wildlife, where your everyday neighbors are monkeys, toucans, parrots, zorros and coati mundos.



Enter the house through an Asian moon gate entry - 3-meter round door with sidelights and smoked glass, and you will find yourself in a gorgeous living room with a 4-meter ceiling and a lower led-lighted tray ceiling.


The living room is about 5 m x 6 m, and has sliding Asian-inspired shojii screen doors that lead into the Master bedroom. The north-facing wall is made from 4 m glass windows, and has an exquisite view of the jungle, especially at night. The opposite wall has built-in lighted display cases and built-in speaker enclosures, serving both the living room and dining room.   



The main bedroom is about 4.5 m x 4.5 m and has a walk-in closet with a built-in bureau, shoe stand and storage shelves. There is a private deck overlooking the jungle with fixture for a hammock. 

A door leads from the bedroom into a beautiful bathroom with a large shower with a plate glass wall, showing the jungle, and to the pool area. There is a second door leading into the kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen-dining area measures 9 m x 3 m. The second bedroom, which measures 4 m x 6 m, has a private outside entrance; a bathroom and a closet will be added to the second bedroom. 



There are many custom details in the house, including special tile work in the bathroom and kitchen. The house has ventilator screens in all rooms, which serve to keep the house cool even in hot weather. There are seven ceiling fans made by Emerson, the largest on the market at 6 ft. diameter, specifically made for the tropics and solar applications (a normal fan this size would take about 200 watts per hour to run but these only take 21 watts at maximum speed, perfect for off the grid solar). 



Outside the kitchen-family room there is an outdoor 4 m x 9 m deck with a swimming pool.



To find out more about Mikael Redman's Tulum house, to see more photos or to fill out the inquiry form, please click HERE.



Size: 100 sq. m (a little over 1000 sq ft.)

2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (2nd bathroom is being added)

Price: $295K USD



“My only inspiration has always been to create beautiful things and only history will define my success,” says Mikael Redman. Mikael Redmanis a renowned artist, well known for his precious metal sculptures of Southwestern Indian tribes that also draw influences of Greek and Roman anatomical sculptures. Inspired by his native Arizona, he also draws on the works of Cellini, Bernini, Rene Lalique and others. Early on, Redman discovered the beauty of Asian art, which also reflects in the house he has designed in Tulum, Mexico. His works are represented in every state in the U.S. and in some 45 foreign countries, collected by many people. A filmmaker Libba Marrian is working on a documentary about Mikael Redman’s life and work. Although mostly retired, Mikael Redman is still working, producing new sculptures, and mastering new techniques. 


Pueblo Eagle Dancer 


Navajo Hoop Dancer


Hopi Snake Dancer

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