Green architecture is the future of Tulum if we want to preserve our paradise



GM Villa in Tulum by Riviera Maya Property Consultants


We in Tulum are seeing an unparalleled development and rise in construction. After all, Tulum is considered to be the fastest growing town in Latin America at the moment. As in gold rush era, many are trying to buy, build and develop real estate projects here, attracted by the natural beauty of our town and by the potential brought by its rapid development.

But Tulum is not a regular place that can handle or accept unregulated growth. It is a beautiful, fragile eco-system that we, locals, intend to preserve and to care for.

Besides its gorgeous beaches and turquoise warm Caribbean waters, Tulum is home to many species of birds and animals. Sea turtles come to lay their eggs on our beautiful white sand beaches every year; the world’s second largest barrier reef is a feeding place for multitudes of colorful fish; Sian Ka’an, the natural biosphere reserve, has thousands of species of birds, fish, dolphins and other animals; and everywhere you turn, Tulum and the whole Yucatan peninsula is dotted with cenotes and underground rivers that form its unique underground system of crystal clear fresh water that needs to be protected.

That’s why we at Riviera Maya Property Consultants are strong advocates of green architecture. If you are thinking about building in Tulum, please read our green architecture tips below.

What is green architecture? Green architecture aims at efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and space by using a conscious approach to ecological conservation in the design of buildings.

Main features of a green house. Houses built with green architecture in mind will have these features: 1. Energy. A green building in a tropical environment is organized to reduce the waste of energy and to get it from renewable sources, such as solar panels, windmills, geothermic systems, etc. 2. Philosophy and aesthetics. On the aesthetic side, green architecture is the philosophy of designing a building that is in harmony with the nature surrounding it.

Here are our recommended steps to take while building a house with green architecture in Tulum:

1. OPTIMIZE INSULATION. Introduce an optimal insulation for all the closed surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows) using the latest materials or (better yet) natural materials - such as cork - or eco-extruded panels;

2. SOLAR PANELS. Use photovoltaic and solar panels as water heating panels;

3. USE VEGETATION, DON'T DESTROY IT. Optimize the insertion of the building into the existing vegetation, limiting at the maximum to ‘cut’ trees and using them as solar shading;

4. LOCAL MATERIALS. Use local materials for finishes - such as zapote wood and sascab stone (local limestone);

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5. ADAPTED AIR CONDITIONING. Introduce energy saving air conditioning systems;

6. RIGHT ORIENTATION. Optimize the shape and orientation of the building in order to achieve the maximum passive performance possible (for example, avoid to have huge windows facing west without solar shielding).

If you would like to learn more from our architectural team, click here or email us. We’d be happy to help and answer any questions about building green in Tulum! Together, we can make sure that Tulum is a paradise for many generations to come.


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