When you have the land, these are the next steps you will need to follow in the house construction process

If your dream is to build your very own private house in Tulum (or elsewhere in the Riviera Maya), the first step is choosing the land that is right for you.

When you have your land and know the exact location measurements, it’s time to hire an architectural and construction company.


Project in Tulum by Riviera Maya Property Consultants


The steps that you will need to follow to start constructing your house will be as follows:

1. Your architectural/ construction company will start cleaning the land and doing mecanica del suelo (soil mechanics for the foundation of the building) and topography to understand the best position for the house.

2. When the results are received, the architectural project of the house will be created. Only then you can get accurate numbers (price) for the construction.

3. "Obra negra." When the architectural project is confirmed, your construction company will start building with "obra negra," meaning building the foundation, pillars and the whole frame of the house.

4. "Obra gris.” Complete construction of the house is executed, including wiring, but without finishing details and accessories.

5. The Finishing -  you can choose materials based on your budget and your construction company should provide you with different options accordingly. 


Project in Tulum by Riviera Maya Property Consultants


The first step is usually done with the full payment up front, and the second step is executed with 50% up front and 50% after the project is done.

Contact us for the prices for each step of the process of building your house in Tulum.

Riviera Maya Property Consultants provide A – Z services: from land selection, to legal services, architecture, construction and property management.


Project in Tulum by Riviera Maya Property Consultants


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