How to choose the land lot in Tulum that is right for you

It is a common knowledge that if you invest in one of real estate hotspots in the world when the time is right, you are guaranteed to make a lot of profit. Many of these hotspots do keep up with the initial promise, while other real estate investments prove to have been more risky.

Tulum, the current Mexican Caribbean boomtown, is the place that is meant to prosper. The best indication are the prices of land that are increasing every year and an ongoing construction that is changing its current landscape from a somewhat shabby eco resort to a world-class eco-luxury destination.

Those who buy land lots in Tulum right now and build their houses will see a huge increase in the value of their investment. It is important to take this first step – to buy land, hire architects and a construction company - and you will be on the way to owning a dream house in one of the most beautiful places in the world, which will also bring you profit should you decide to rent it. Selling your house (or land lot) in a few years will guarantee its significant increase in value and solid profit for you.

So what are the steps you will need to take when you decide to build your house in Tulum?

Choosing the right land lot is where you will want to start. Here are your options in Tulum.


Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

It always seems like the best idea to own a land lot on the beach, but there are not many options for direct beachfront land in Tulum’s beach zone, and it’s quite expensive by now. From 2012 till 2014 beach land prices went from $75 USD for 1sq m up to $150 USD and now it's even higher. An option is to buy your own boutique hotel on the beach. But keep in mind that most of the beachfront land in Tulum is ejido land (not titled) and is only leased to hotels for a renewable 5-year terms. Another option for those desiring beachfront land is an exclusive land lot in Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. There are only a few land lots in Sian Ka’an that are for sale (completely titled), and they are located very close to Tulum’s beach zone. These lots offer complete privacy and gorgeous Caribbean seashore as your backyard.  This area is meant for more lavish beachfront projects. The investors who bought properties in Sian Ka’an a couple of years ago see the increase in their investment value at least by 25%. Since it is a protected area, only a limited number of lots are available for sale, and they are selling fast.



The most abundant array of options is waiting for you in the village of Tulum. Most of the land in Tulum looked like a jungle a few years ago. You will not recognize most of these regions now, such as La Veleta, for example.

La Veleta area is a fast-growing residential neighborhood of Tulum that is located 1 km from the village center with all the shops, restaurants and bars, 10 min away from the beach, and right next to Kukulkan road, which is being built as a direct access road to the beach. The prices of land lots at La Veleta are still low, but the increase in price happens constantly, so it’s better to double-check the latest price before buying. Browse Tulum land options, and you will surely find the majority of lots to be in La Veleta.


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Facing La Veleta, on the other side of the road, there is another quickly developing area, Colonia Tumbenkah. Drainage and other main services have already been developed, and the neighborhood is in the zone of expansion. The density in the area is high, which gives the possibility to develop different kinds of projects. Colonia Tumbenkah offers amazing options for those desiring to build their vacation house in Tulum (that will be growing in value every year) or to simply buy a land lot as a long-term investment. Visit our database to see options available in Tumbenkah at the moment, such as this huge Tumbenkah lot of $4,750 m2, selling for $50 USD per 1m2.

Region 8 is another interesting location for a land lot, as it is only 1 mile away from the beach, and is located close to Aldea Zama development. At the moment Region 8 is not developed, but a lot of investors are buying land here, as they know that an area that is so close to the beach will grow in value very soon. At the moment you can find land in Region 8 for about $55 USD per 1 sq m, such as this Region 8 lot.

Region 4 has one of the best locations in Tulum and is great for mixed residential/ commercial or commercial projects. It's only 2 min drive from the beach and from the ancient Mayan ruins. It's situated between the center of Tulum and the new upscale residential development, Aldea Zama, on the major Tulum road towards Boca Paila and a few meters away from Cancun - Chetumal Federal Highway. This region is considered to be 2nd best investment area in Tulum after the seaside, but even more secure. The growth of land value is projected to be one of the fastest in Tulum in the next five years, and land prices grow constantly. Land costs about $150 USD per 1 sq m here, and you can choose from some big land lots for your commercial project , such as this Region 4 land of 5,700 sq m

Talk to us about the ideal land lot that you envision – either for a land investment or a for a lot for your future house – and we will help you choose the land that is right for you.

In our next posts we will talk about the process of building a house in Tulum on the land lot that you have chosen.


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