We tell you why you should invest in a vacation house instead of paying for hotel each time, and invite you to visit us in Tulum, Mexico, the ideal place for your dream vacation property.

Owning a vacation home at your dream vacation destination is a very attractive idea to many. After all, you already know and love the destination, you are planning to spend good amount of time there, and you want to invest in experiences that you will share with your friends and family.

Project in Tulum by Riviera Maya Property Consultants


If your preferred destination is still developing, this might also mean that your initial investment will increase in value in a few years – such as the current hotspot of Tulum on the gorgeous Mexican Caribbean coast with warm turquoise waters and white soft sand where land and property prices have been growing at an unparalleled rate.

There are many other benefits in owning a vacation property as opposed to renting vacation house or getting a hotel room every time you go on vacation. Here are some of them:

1. You can let your imagination run free when designing your dream home. It’s always better to build your own house in a tropical destination than to buy an existing one – unless you find one that really suits your dreams. Otherwise, work with a good local architect, and tell them

where you would like to have your kitchen, how big should your bathroom be, and how much sunlight you would like to get in your living room. It’s fun and inspiring to create your own house from the beginning!

2. You can rent your property and make additional stable income. If your property is located in a highly desirable vacation destination, you will be making stable income by renting your vacation house. For example, a 3-bedroom vacation house in Tulum, Mexico will bring your about $28,600 USD from holiday rentals per year. If you rent it long term, the income will be smaller – about $18,000 USD per year, but you won’t have to worry about finding new renters every few weeks. In less than 10 years you can get the initial price of investment back, as the price of buying land and building a 3-bedroom house in Tulum is about $250K USD.

3. Invest abroad in an emerging market, and see your initial investment double or triple. Those who bought land in Tulum in 200, paid $30-40 USD for 1 sq meter of land. In 2012 the price was $75 USD, and now it’s $150 for 1 sq meter. The trend says the prices will keep climbing up steadily.

4. Invest instead of spending. How much do you usually spend on vacation with your family per year? Wouldn’t it be smarter to invest the money spent hotel rooms into your own vacation house, wher

e you can create endless beautiful moments with your family and to pass it on to your grandchildren as real estate?

5. You will be investing in experiences. Investing in tropical real estate means you are investing in your and your family’s time together, adventure and endless good memories. For us, it seems like a better idea than investing in a piece of jewelry that you will keep locked in a safe place and wear only on special occasions.

If you would like to talk to us about building your dream house in Tulum or elsewhere in the Riviera Maya, please contact us now. We would be glad to answer all your questions.


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