Whether your retirement is approaching or it is still far away, it’s nice to daydream about that day when you will kick back, relax and enjoy the best that life has to offer. Many eyes have been turning towards Tulum as one of the best places to retire.


Tulum, Mexican Caribbean hotspot, located 90 min drive away from Cancun’s International Airport, is one of top retirement paradises in the world. Yahoo Finance calls Tulum one of the best places to retire because of access to affordable healthcare, low cost of living and a very appealing atmosphere, making Tulum “a magnet for eco-minded celebrities,” “so there are lots of bohemian-style boutiques, yoga centers and spas." Tulum has relaxed lifestyle, incredible beaches, delicious food and a growing expat community.

At the same time, it’s also more than that – it is also an emerging boomtown, where investing in real estate is likely to bring additional value to your second home over the next years.

Let's take a look at why Tulum is such an appealing place to retire. 

Real estate prices. Luxury 602-square-foot suites in Tulum were sold from $127,000 USD in 2009. Now they are listed for $265,000 USD, which is a $138,000 USD increase. Monthly rents for a two-bedroom, furnished condo range from $550 USD to $1,200 USD a month. You can still buy a lot in a developing residential neighborhood, La Veleta, for $30K USD and then build your own house as you want it.


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Strong U.S. dollar against Mexican peso. The exchange rate between U.S. dollar and Mexican peso keeps growing in favor of American dollar, and this has been a steady trend throughout years, meaning your dollar will most likely have more and more value in Mexico over time. There were small fluctuations, but the trend remained the same throughout the years, according to Trading Economics report and multiple other sources. Just looking at the most recent history, in 2010 Mexican peso was trading at 12.68 per U.S. dollar. In 2014, it was trading at 13.56 per dollar; in 2015 it’s trading at 15.29.

Health care. Tulum has three small hospitals; for more sophisticated care, modern hospitals are located 40 miles away in Playa del Carmen and 80 miles away in Cancun. Healthcare has high international medical standards and is much more affordable than in the U.S.

Atmosphere. The vibe of Tulum could be described as relaxed but sophisticated, without busy nightlife and traffic.

Infrastructure and services. As a place to retire, Tulum provides with all the services that you might need. There are vegetable markets, a couple of large supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery stores and excellent restaurants, both in the hip beach zone, as well as local and laid back ones in Tulum town. According to Yahoo Finance, “Tulum has also attracted a large number of creative chefs, so there’s no shortage of interesting places to eat.”

Activities and lifestyle. The retirees can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in Tulum, with many options to choose their favorite activity from – biking, beach walking, yoga, swimming, diving, or simply a spa relaxation. It’s hard not to be healthy in Tulum, also because of healthy food: most food in stores and restaurants is locally grown and fresh juices are offered everywhere.  


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