Tulum real estate prices, land and property including, are still low. It's the right time to invest in the one of the fastest-growing tropical vacation destinations in the world.

Tulum has some of the world's best beaches...

Tulum, the hidden tropical jewel of the Mexican Caribbean, has become a secret beach getaway for New Yorkers, international jetsetters and celebrities.

Imagine yourself on vacation in Tulum. Your eyes are lost in the eco-chic charm of expensive beachwear sported by Tulum’s fashionable vacation crowd, your mouth is seduced by the locally-grown and masterfully-prepared food in Tulum’s restaurants that dot the glamorous jungle side of its paradise-like beaches, and your body is relaxed by yoga, massage and Spa pleasures… You feel like you have found a long-lost paradise. Soon you start thinking that wouldn’t it be nice to own a nice vacation house here... No matter what is your budget, you probably could not have imagined that you could buy it for so little, as long as you do it fast.


Did you know that you can still buy land in Tulum for as little as $30,000 USD?

For example, a lot of 10 x 30 m (total of 300 m2) in La Veleta, Tulum’s fastest developing residential zone goes for this price – still, but definitely not for long, considering the trend of constantly rising real estate prices. Just in the past two years, Tulum's real estate prices have doubled.


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La Veleta is a beautiful, up-and-coming Tulum’s neighborhood. Tucked in a jungle, off the main road, and located next to the developing street that will take you straight to the beach, La Veleta is a living promise of an excellent investment. It’s 1 km away from the town center, and already has all the services of water, electricity and sewers. Moreover, the value of the neighborhood has already been demonstrated through upscale houses and condominiums that are being built here, mostly by expats. It will also be an excellent location should you desire to rent your future property – the demand for rentals is very high. Demand for rental properties is high throughout Tulum, because there are not nearly as enough rental rooms as there are eager renters and vacationers.


So once you get your land in La Veleta, how much would it cost to build a house?

To build a gorgeous 3-level house with a pool and a garden with BBQ area, a terrace with Jacuzzi, a total living space of 220 m2, 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms, open space kitchen and living room, the price would be around $220K USD (plus $30K USD for the land, the total is $250K USD). Take a look at Casa Gabriele, an on-paper project located in a land selling for $30K USD in La Veleta.

Casa Gabriele project for La Veleta neighborhood in Tulum


Your yearly income from renting this kind of house for holidays would be around $28K USD.

Of course, you can choose to keep your land without building, wait till it goes up in value and then resell it.


At the moment, Tulum real estate is the center of the opportunity, so whatever you choose to do – invest in land, build, buy property, you cannot go wrong.

A government program is aiming to triple the number of tourists, and is tirelessly building infrastructure – new roads, bridges, and a rail network that will connect all peninsula.

The expats are moving to Tulum from all the corners of the world. Italians, for example, have already built little Italy in Tulum. Many of them are escaping Italian economy in crisis and are coming here in search of the land of new opportunity. North American boomers are seeking a close-by, gorgeous tropical destinations that would be safe and affordable, and many have their eyes set on Tulum, as Playa del Carmen, which experienced its boom 15 years ago, is currently not as affordable anymore. Many Mexicans, especially wealthy ones from Mexico City, are also choosing Tulum over Acapulco on the Pacific coast, their childhood vacation playground, mostly due to safety issues in Acapulco.

It’s truly exciting to be at the right place at the right time, when you can invest your money and see it grow in a matter of a year or two. Where you can build a dream house and turn it into a profit-generating source. But most importantly, it’s great to be investing in a place as stunning as Tulum. It's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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