If you had made an investment in Tulum real estate a few years ago, your money would have doubled. What is the path ahead for those considering to invest now?

About fifteen years ago, we visited Playa del Carmen on the Mexican Caribbean. It was a tiny but beautiful fishermen's village, with dirt streets, a few backpackers wandering around and a hippie vibe. There were few tourists and everything was tranquil, laid-back, simple. The beach and the sea were gorgeous, but there was not much to do. 

Playa has since then grown to be one of the top international tourist destinations of the world, dotted with hotels, restaurants, shops and beach clubs, and it continues expanding. It manages to maintain the small town charm by regulating the size of construction.

Tulum real estate

Now we find ourselves standing in Tulum, located 45 minutes south of Playa, and we look around. What we see is a lot of movement, and we expect the result to be very similar to that of Playa. 

Fifteen years ago, Tulum used to be completely empty and secluded, with poor access to the beach. It was worth the trip though, because the beaches were paradise-like. Now Tulum is as beautiful as ever, but its land lots are being quickly sold left and right.

Let's take a look at how the prices grew in the past years:

From 2012 till 2014 beach land prices went from $75 USD for 1sq m up to $150 USD, while in 2007 the price was only $30-40 USD.

In 2012, the 1,000 sq m land in Tulum village was priced at $31,000 USD; in 2013 the price went up to $46,000 USD; in 2014 this land costs $77,000 USD.

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International Living magazine talks about a developer who has built high-end suites in Tulum to cater to the luxury market coming here. His 400-plus suites quickly sold out. 602-square-foot suites were sold from $127,000 in 2009. Now they are listed for $265,000, which is a $138,000 increase.

The same developer, explains the magazine, has now built 2,637-square-foot luxury homes with pools, yoga, steam baths, a gym, alternative treatments, and more. In 2010 these homes were sold for $349,000. Today they list for $525,000, which is a $176,000 increase.

The value of real estate in Tulum promises to grow at a fast pace. There is a huge lack of vacation homes and hotel rooms - this year, for example, it was impossible to get a reservation for New Year's if you didn't book way in advance. 

Tulum gets packed not only by New Yorkers (for whom it has become a secret beach playground), but also by everybody in the A-list Hollywood books, from Cameron Diaz to Sting and family. Pamela Anderson owns one of the beautiful beachfront villas on the wild beach of Sian Ka'an, next to Tulum. 

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So the news are exciting. Investing in Tulum real estate is a secure way to increase your initial investment in as little as the next two years if we follow the trends. 

Here are some examples (among many) that we at Riviera Maya Property Consultants offer at the moment to our clients:

1. On-paper project of 3-level house. Land lot and construction of your own 3-floor house with a pool in Tulum's La Veleta, the fastest-growing residential neighborhood. Land lot: $30K USD; total price with construction: $250 - 280K USD. Value growth: at the very minimum, 10% per year. Income from renting your house throughout the year: approximately $30K USD per year (holiday rent price). We offer the services of land selection, cosntruction and property management. See more.

Tulum real estate

Casa Rami, a 3-level house project in Tulum, for $280K USD total


2. Che'721 condos, starting from $85K USD, pre-sale price. The price will be almost $100K in one year, and constantly rising. Additional income can be made through rentals. We offer the services of property management. See more.

Tulum Real Estate

Che'721 modern luxury condo building in Tulum


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