Your Mexican house - whether you are building a new beachfront villa in Tulum or redecorating an existing colonial style house in Mexico - deserves some beautiful traditional Mexican details, which will make it more warm, more happy, and more romantic.

Are you building a house in Mexico or thinking of re-decorating? Torn about what would be the ideal terrace for your new beachfront villa in Tulum?

How about kitchen, living room, bathroom? Which elements from traditional Mexican house decor should you incorporate, without overshadowing the whole modern feel of your house? You are free to let your imagination flow, whether you are considering to build a complete Mexican hacienda-style house or just to include some separate traditional elements, such as tiles, doors or stairs.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate this magical Mexican touch that will add vibrant colors, elegance, romance, joy and aliveness to your décor.


1. Hacienda-chic feel for Living Room

Mexican house decorBy Astleford Interiors, Inc

Traditional Mexican Haciendas have elegant living rooms with colorful walls and some old-world elements in rich colors, such as ceiling beams, grand-scale doors, arches or sculptural stove hoods. This particular living room is decorated with lots of vibrant color, with many surfaces covered by Mexican Oil Cloth.


2. Stairs

Mexican house decorBy Talavera & Ceramic Tile Studio

This is a creative idea for a staircase, which uses decorative traditional talavera tile and saltillo pavers. Saltillo is a type of terra-cotta tile that comes from Saltillo, Coahuila. Saltillo tiles vary in color and shape, but the majority range from in varying hues of reds, oranges and yellows.


3. Patio

Mexican house decorBy Jay Andre Construction, Inc.

Mexican tiles on this patio create an atmosphere of romance, elegance and tradition. You can't help but feel you are in a very special place.




5. Bathroom: Sink

Mexican house decorBy Abrams Design Build

Mexican Talavera sink and sink handles add playfulness and elegance this solid wood bathroom cabinets.


6. Bathroom: Tiles

Mexican house decor

By RJ Dailey Construction Co.

Terra-cotta tiles create the feeling of elegance in the bathroom, demonstrating the earthy, minimalist side of Mexican decor.


7. Kitchen Floor

Mexican house decorBy TDM Tiling

4 x 8 terra-cota tiles mix beautifully with hand-painted, unique Mexican tiles on this kitchen floor. You would probably want to use this style in a larger kitchen. Mexican tiles are also balanced with the white counters.


8. Kitchen Walls

Mexican house decorBy Steve Richmond Fine Homes

Beautiful Mexican tiles mix wit the blue island color in this kitchen.


9. Doors

Mexican house decorDuncan Residence by Mina Brinkey

Heavy Mexican Spanish-style doors made from excellent wood used to be one of the staples in Mexican haciendas. Use them throughout the house or just in one room.


Whichever Mexican design elements you choose, you can be sure that your Mexico-inspired home will be warm and welcoming, as is this country, rich in culture, beauty and tradition.


Connect with our Mexico building experts if your construction area is in the Riviera Maya, especially Tulum.


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